The weather is starting to heat up in Victoria, and the time has come where we all start hitting the cool button on our air conditioning units, but what if the cooling doesn’t work and your left trying to get a tradesman out to fix it and you quickly find everyone you call is busy while you suffer in the increasing heat?

Don’t let it come to that, get your system inspected before the weather heats up!

So what’s involved with a service and how much does it cost? The service itself is a general checkup of the unit, we check and clean the filter, check the condensate drain, run the system in heat and cool to ensure it’s operating efficiently and provide you with a comprehensive report for piece of mind, if it needs repairs you will receive a free quote.

For domestic systems we charge a $190 call out including one hour labor for one system, if you have a second system you only pay another $95, now that’s value you can trust!

For our commercial customers we offer an obligation free site visit, it costs you nothing! We will count up your air conditioning equipment and provide a quote for tailored ongoing scheduled maintenance which you can compare with your existing maintenance agreement and if we offer more value for money you can then choose to engage our services. What have you got to loose?

If you just want a once off checkup of your system we can do that too. Rates are the same as the domestic rates.

Do you want a second opinion and quotation for a unit that’s failed? We can in most cases beat the cost of repairs quoted by another business!

Interested? Please give us a call, we are here to help!

Western Thermotechnics