Waste Oil Burners

With the ever-increasing costs of energy, businesses are starting to look at alternative means of heating, and we have the answer to that question which is waste oil.

Waste oil can be sourced from a wide range of industries and businesses from car workshops to fish and chip shops, waste oil is a plentiful and cheap means of heating especially if the business has waste oil to dispose of from manufacturing processes, it burns cleanly with minimal deposits of ash depending on the initial cleanliness of the oil being used with motor oils creating the most ash and hydraulic oils producing the least amounts of ash. 

Waste oil collection can be expensive over the long run, especially if your business produces large quantities of it, the oil can be recycled but, in many cases, it is burnt off or can even find its way into the environment which is a bad thing.

Western Thermotechnics has the answer, waste oil burners and heaters. We are currently testing some burners made by the Chinese company “Bairan”, so far, we have had great success with their well-designed and quality burners which utilise brand name controls and components such as Danfoss. 

We are looking at offering conversions of existing heating systems to operate on waste oil and we are very interested to see if businesses out there who have a supply of waste oil would be interested in making use of the technology for heating whilst reducing their heating costs dramatically in the process.

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