Air purifiers are a hot product right now and for good reason, they are the only way to remove Covid 19 and other viruses from the air but there is a catch, the internal filter must be changed regularly to ensure the unit remains functional, it cannot be cleaned and must be safely disposed of by qualified personnel!

Air purifiers are available from most appliance retailers, but there is an issue with some of these units when sourcing them for a commercial application such as a restaurant or medical waiting room, they generally aren’t designed for commercial applications unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer and their internal HEPA filter will very quickly saturate and block up, they are for domestic use in most cases and cannot filter enough air!

So where can you purchase a genuine commercial grade portable air purifier?

Simple! InovaAir Air Purifiers Australia and we highly recommend this tough Australian made product!

Their units have a very large industry leading cylindrical HEPA filter which goes up in size on their larger units, it is cylindrical in shape and tall unlike most air purifiers which have a rectangular flat filter, so it has enormous surface area in comparison, and that equals longer filter life and better capture of air born particles and viruses! They also manufacture units that can be incorporated into you’re existing ducted air conditioning system by means of a flexible 200mm duct resulting in more widespread and even distribution of the purified air, perfect for restaurants and medical centres.

Can I service the unit myself?

No, servicing falls under the ventilation requirements for commercial buildings and as such servicing or filter replacement must be carried out by a qualified air conditioning business to ensure the best possible piece of mind that the unit is indeed operating correctly as well as safe disposal of a potentially Covid19 contaminated HEPA filter.

We can provide the maintenance for you at our normal maintenance rate.

How do I buy one?

Unfortunately due to the super high demand for InovaAir products most units have an 8 week lead time once ordered so don’t delay ordering one, and once you have it you will need to organise a qualified company to carry out the servicing/maintenance such as the pre filter and HEPA filter change and safe disposal of it as well as checking other aspects of the machine such as the fan.

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We take pride in every aspect of the work we provide to our clients, have a chat to us today and we can advise you on the right model to purchase for you’re application and ensure you’re air purifier is properly maintained after purchase.

The Western Thermotechnics team.