A friendly message and reminder to all potential clients and avid blog followers.

Split system bag cleaning is an effective way of cleaning deeply impregnated dust and mold from you split systems indoor coil and fan barrel, a clogged indoor coil or fan barrel will greatly reduce your systems overall performance and could result in a costly breakdown such as compressor failure! There is a large increase in companies offering this service but not all are actually correctly qualified, trained or licensed air conditioning technicians to be undertaking split system cleaning and cannot rectify issues on the fly of an electrical nature if their cleaning allows water ingress into the sensitive electronics in your split system indoor unit! Cleaning is done by means of a pressure cleaner and this can get into the electronics if the correct preparations are not performed prior to cleaning.

Here are the main reasons why you should always choose a qualified air conditioning contractor to clean your split system and not your local carpet cleaner-

  • Holds all relevant licenses and qualifications to work on air conditioning equipment.
  • Can correctly isolate the power supply to your split system before cleaning.
  • Can correctly remove your split system covers without braking them and cover the electronics to prevent water ingress.
  • Can rectify issues correctly, especially of an electrical nature during the cleaning process.
  • Can provide a guarantee/warranty for the work performed.
  • Will provide you with a comprehensive service report once the work is completed.

Some of the businesses providing cleaning for split systems are carpet cleaning, window cleaning and sanitation businesses. They cannot do the following or provide the following-

  • Perform qualified maintenance on your split system.
  • Isolate your split systems power supply correctly, some even clean the split while it’s live!
  • Cannot perform electrical work relating to your split system and it’s components.
  • Cannot provide you with repair options if they accidentally saturate your split systems electronics resulting in failure or fire! No warranty!
  • Cannot guarantee or their workmanship is in line with air conditioning industry maintenance standards.
  • Unable to give you true piece of mind that the workmanship has been carried out correctly.

Why would you risk it?

Don’t fall for their cheap prices, “do one get one free” promises or promotions, your split system cost you good money so we urge you to engage a qualified air conditioning services company to clean your split system and Western Thermotechnics are one of those businesses, we are here to help you so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to answer your queries anytime.