As a progressive business, we are now looking to expand our horizons by taking a look at the heating system industry, and what can we do to help businesses save on heating energy costs.

We were recently having a look at a business that produces a lot of waste oil from their hydraulic systems, this oil is changed regularly resulting in a stockpile of oil which they have to pay a company to remove from site, so I suggested why not use this oil to fire your boiler and do away with natural gas which is becoming crazy expensive. The client was very interested in this idea and discussions are underway to supply them with a well proven and cost effective waste oil burner which will fit directly in place of the current gas burner with minimal modification and supply their heating needs at rock bottom costs.

We are currently testing this oil burner made by the company Bairan of China, they receive good reviews from international clients so we decided to import one and see for ourselves, and so far the test results are excellent and it’s a quality built piece of kit with brand name electronics like Danfoss, they make burners from 10kw up to 3000kw and parts backup is excellent.

Please watch this blog space as we will be sharing more updates shortly, if your interested in giving natural gas the boot and have a plentiful supply of waste oil then please give us a call and we can discuss your options further.