Commercial air conditioning systems are very important in the workplace, especially in a country like Australia that can experience extremes of temperature. Without some method of temperature control, it can be pretty difficult for workers to get anything done and sometimes, for example during a heatwave, conditions may even become dangerous!

This makes an air conditioning breakdown very critical in an office building, school, medical center or factory. Every business suffering climate control issues will want to get the system back up and running right away, but please don’t decide you can save some time by attempting the repairs yourself! As urgent as the situation may be, you should always call in a qualified specialist for commercial air conditioning systems.

Though you might be able to perform some basic repairs on your home air conditioning (and even then, your average person can’t fix everything, for example, coils, compressors and fan motors are all components contained within the system casing, and should always be left to the care of a professional), commercial air conditioning systems are more complex and often a larger system.

For a start, these machines have to cater for much bigger areas, a large number of people and even sensitive electronic equipment so they’re large and more extensive.

Thanks to this configuration, system repairs involve both technical expertise to open the cabinet and work on the components inside without risk of injury or electrocution, and also working with potential height risks depending on the building design! Definitely not a job for inexperienced people!

As well, commercial systems are also far more complex than home ones with many of them operating zoning systems that deliver different temperatures to different areas, depending on their needs. This function makes the system more responsive and energy-efficient but when it comes to repairs, it’s complicated, involving a ducting system containing a series of separate air conditioning units hooked up to multiple thermostats.

Feeling confused just reading that? Then it’s time to call in the experts!

At Western Thermotechnics, we take care of all the air con related technical stuff so you can concentrate on running your business in a comfortable climate controlled building.