There are many businesses out there providing maintenance and repair services for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems in Victoria and choosing the right business to look after your site can be a “hit and miss” experience depending on the level of customer care that business provides for you with some businesses being very cost effective but no necessarily providing the level of maintenance or repair your system requires.

Western Thermotechnics Commercial Air Conditioning Services is a business that places the client first, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding HVAC plant and provide our clients with detailed service reports containing asset lists of the sites equipment with a simple “pass/fail” on each item and a series of test results recorded for each plant item.

The asset tracking system, part of SimPRO digital reporting, is an excellent way for our clients to see what equipment is working well and also view items requiring attention either immediately or within the next month.

The data allows you to budget in advance for the replacement of items such as belts and filters but can also assist in any energy or site audits you may conduct throughout the year. As a valued client, there is an online login we provide for you to view your asset list at any time.

So again, why choose us? The answer is simple, we care about the services we provide for you, you and your HVAC needs are our top priority and we will always keep you in the loop regarding your equipment.

For further details or a friendly chat about your requirements, please call us today!